IIT JEE 2011 Expected Cut off Marks Ranks Analysis – IITJEE2011 Estimated Ranks OC OBC SC ST Category Wise

IITJEE2011 Estimated Ranks Cutoffs for OC OBC SC ST Category Wise – IIT JEE 2011 Expected Cut off Marks Ranks

IIT JEE 2011 has been attended by 4.8 Lakh aspirants for 10000 seats in various IIT’s in India. This year few new IIT’s are going to start at Bhuvaneshwar, Gandhi Nagar and Jodhpur.

IIT JEE 2011 expected cut off in general category may rise to 190 marks due to ease in Maths and Chemistry.

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Predicted IIT JEE 2011 Rank

Expected Marks
1-500 rank More than 320
501-1000 rank 295-320 marks
1001-2000 rank 270-295 marks
2001-3000 rank 258-270 marks
3001-4000 rank 245-258 marks
4001-5000 rank 235-245 marks
5001-6000 rank 225-235 marks
6001-7000 rank 213-225 marks
7001-8000 rank 210-213 marks
8001-9000 rank 202-210 marks
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180 Responses to "IIT JEE 2011 Expected Cut off Marks Ranks Analysis – IITJEE2011 Estimated Ranks OC OBC SC ST Category Wise"

  1. ankit says:

    what about sc candidates?

  2. iit ban sc st says:

    i thinks this sc’s sts shudnt b allowd relaxation

    • jahan says:

      dont give filthy comments…if u can help do so…dont talk abt. reservation . leave it to the govt. of india… they know much more than u wat is gud for needy people..

      • VIVEK says:

        hey jahan can u tell me why general jealous of SC/ST.

        • Prateek says:

          well general category is not jealous but hv pity for you guys(SC) who are destroying the status of IITs.
          Relaxation in terms of fees is understandable but with marks is out of way.
          A general category students is required to get 200 marks and a SC gets 90 marks for selection,what d hell.
          In no way that general candidate is more superior in knowledge, aptitude than the once who relies on govt’s mercy.
          Just give it a thought…..are you deserving enough to be placed in an IIT?
          Afterall its a matter of our country’s reputation!

          • mahra says:

            are u people getting 199 marks in iit jee

          • stuti says:

            i m very much satisfied with u we guys do hard work we get nothing and these guys takes our pleasures i appreciate your thoughts and these guys must read it all

          • Santosh says:

            Well…thanks for your idea prateek,but its less convincing.
            1) Reservation policy which govt is following since inception is not because of economic backwardness of the scheduled caste people but because of their social backwardness. So, your point of fee relaxation of SC people doesn’t fit here. According to you,if only fee remission should be admissible, then a SC candidate who had been deprived of good quality education since years due to his social backwardness, couldn’t get a chance to be in IIT which gives him opportunity to explore himself.

            2) You was talking about IIT reputation right!!.. My dear without having facts how can you say that SC IITians would bring down its reputation. I have Just passed out from IIT Delhi Civil Engineering -2011 batch and I also belong to SC category. My Jee Rank was SC 348 and my marks was around 160 and right now my CGPA is 7.011/10 which is more than 40 out of 60 GE candidate who had secured around 1400 GE rank and more than 260 marks. And not only me there many SC people who had done well after coming to IIT and were praised by the professors for their work. So, my little brother first you analyse your facts and then say something…

          • The sc boy says:

            Prateek bro u r wrong yar why u dnt thnk tht maximum populetion of sc/st is still away from education. U people can do coaching from akash, narayan,fitjee bt how can a poor sc/st who has nt even roof ön his head afford ths costly coaching. Would akash or any other open their coaching inst. In jungle or dalit villages. Yar u thnk that only u pople can make country bright. yar u shld knw that if govt. Didn’t thnk about sc/st than i thnk we people cant admit in iit,or othr edu.bodies. Not becouse of talent but due to lack of money. Facilities, etc. N i wanna say tht u people frm hiegher cast self made such situation. u people do not want to see that a person 4m lower cast ,tribal student stand wth u. the sc/st do very wel after their adm. And thts y u gen. Stdnt. Have jealusy wth us. Oh k god bless u all.
            ”Jai bhim”

          • Nippun Kumar says:

            if u are against reservation for sc/st,then u are going to divide this country.Reservation was given in 1938 against seperate country for us.britishers were agreed for seperate country.thanks to God DR BR AMBEDKER.The first and th last most highly educated person ever since in India before and after Independence,The maker of preamble .no one in general category is not as much educated.ha ha ha. so even if u get 170 and we get 100 we are more than u fool. ha ha ha

          • ananymous says:

            I agree with what so ever explonation you have given for reservation. But did you ever try and looked at the average no of people from each catogery who perform well after admission.

            Pack all that shit about student reservation i dont have any problem but What about the reservation for the proffessors at IITS. Do they really need reservation. Once one comes to IIT or some renowned University he/she should be more knoledgable and rich enough to go for higher education/Job in current economy system. Proffessors must be qualified enuf to teach and make those who come with lesser cut offs excell afterwards. When you are putting lesser cut offs for profs and take those with less knowledge or intellectual skills to teach and do research at IITS do you think that is right? Think about it? Do you require reservation yourself if you want to come to iit as proffessor.

          • gaurav singh says:

            bro , listen you are too young to understand this but the education and family support which you have got through out urlife is sumthing becoz of which these ppl didn’t get … it is bcoz of the exploitation which was done by us for many centuries which resulted in their backwardness . hence, it this reservation is the only way by which we can wash of those stains. and by the way even USA(may be ur dream destination) has affirmative action which is quite similar to reservation policy and yes… giving reservation can be a matter of pride .. bcoz otherwise also IIT’s are now just churning out run of the mill material which is using its new learned competence to prove themselves in IAS and IIM or serving US or developed economy instead of the sectors where it is required. rather one of IIT-D topper even wants to work for pakistan airforce(he had AIR-87). so, anyways this is not exact way of lifting our national reputation

          • Akshay says:

            SC’s are enough eligible to be their on the top of iit entrance exam with above 300 marks
            but because of this government to ensure their vote source
            spoils the status of sc & other castes
            guys we are in 21st century, i don’t think like that colleges don’t think like that
            but because of this reservation policy private colleges & other peolple have to think like that

            i think survival for the fittest is must in this developing century
            the castes provided with reservation have to think about the backwardness which is ensured to them by the corrupt government of India

    • vasu says:

      it is god’s giift for those people and we don’t have a right to speak about that it the matter of govt. and govt. cant take decissions as there wish it may create fall of the govt. you should apply for sorry to sc & st students for saying like that

    • annomous says:


    • iitnnnnnnnnnn says:

      well my forefathers were not enjoying any kind of happiness but ur forefathers were enjoying it so now we are enjoying the happiness now in iit and in other good colleges ………………….

  3. krsmeena says:

    my marks is 115 pl tell me rank

  4. sudipta says:

    sir,I have got 305 according to fiitjee solution.I want to study from iit kgp in computer sc or EEE.Is it possible for me as my expected rank is close to 750?

  5. Abhi says:

    what about SC/ST candidates

  6. dilip says:

    i got 116 marks.tell me whether i got seat or not

  7. vishnu says:

    sir, i have got 248 according to fitjee solution. i belong to obc category . pl tell me the expected obc rank

  8. maleka says:

    sir my marks will be around 150..can i get any rank??
    wat is the last cut off marks?
    amd there was a wrng question in IIT paper..i attended it..will i get +4 there?

  9. arun says:

    sir, ihave got 157 marks in jee2011 will i get qualified?

  10. leelambar says:

    my mark is around 65-70 can i qualified i am st candidate.

  11. govind sah says:

    what is d cuu off marks for obc in jee

  12. Satyajeet Singh says:

    Shubham Mehta, 2-year classroom student of Resonance(KOTA) expects 450 Marks out of 480 in IIT-JEE 2011 i.e. 93.75%. He may come in Top 10.

  13. anu says:

    sir ,i am geting 190 marks in iit .can i selected in iit?

  14. N3uTr@L says:

    im getting 460 out of 480 according to fitjee solutions.,.,.,.wow.,,!,.,.,nw im nt worried about aieee

  15. pavan says:

    i am st candidates, i have got 120 marks. do u think i may get seat in iit .

  16. mani says:

    i getting 481

  17. nandu says:

    Sir i got 111 and im oc can i be qualified

  18. pinky says:

    sir will d final key vary wid d fiitjee key??? nd i am xpectin 251 n i belong 2 obc….wat branch can i expect in KGP???………sir plzzz reply…….its urgent…..

  19. Naga Madhusudhan says:

    I am OBC candidate and I got 210 marks in FITJEE KEY.

    What rank will I get?

  20. rahul says:

    There is a great disparity cut off forecast by Resonance and FIITJEE. Which one is more realistic?

    • triven says:

      fitjee cut off is some where around 200 while that off resonance is 220…………which is too high……i go with fiitjee

  21. Satyanarayanan says:

    All is well Please enjoy

  22. apoorva says:

    i am getting 230 marks in iit jee 2011. i belong to general category. will i be able to make to any of the IITs(except the new iits) in branches like Msc in chemistry/ physics/maths or applied geology/ paper and pulp etc. PLEASE REPLY ME.

  23. Ashish says:

    Sir , my marks in iit jee 2011 are 128. i am a sc candidate. can i expect selection??????
    plz reply coz its urgent.

  24. Ctr360 says:

    Sir me gtng arnd 165-180 marks in jee…i am an sc candidate…wt branch cn i gt in iit B…nd are DUAL DEGREE COURSES GOOD?PLZ RPLY $IR…LOOKNG FWD 2 UR RPLY…

  25. ravi says:

    sir i 190 marks & i m an obc candidate….
    can i got the old iit’s

  26. Chinmay Garanayak says:


    I will secure 202 marks in IIT JEE – 2011. Can I qulify for admission & what will be my expected rank. Kindly reply in return mail

    Thank You


  27. mM. Anoop says:

    Iam getting 272 according to narayana,fiitjee and brilliant,
    how much i will get rank aprx.

  28. Prashant Shah Gond says:

    Sir, according to solution paper, i got the 88 marks. can i get seat in any iit

  29. shubham says:

    i am getting 103-111 and i m an sc candidate is there any chance of getting admission in any of iit

  30. ashish says:

    if a student doesnt get cutofff in maths but has 195marks in total in physics n chemistry will he get listed in eml or anywhere in jee 2011…grand total is 205

  31. VIVEK says:


  32. CC says:

    why is it that the SC’s, ST’s and the OBC’s, get into IIT and drop out after just an year… if they are getting into the pestigious institution then why can’t they hang on for 4 years…henceforth their seats get wasted…around 1000 ppl can’t cope up with the IIT’s pace of studies, so they drop out after an year or so…

    i feel their seats should be reduced to only 1000…and the rest on individual merit…
    or else they have to cope up with the IIT’s pace…

    In the grade 9 & 10 we are taught that in our country caste discrimination is banned…and then they start it off themselves just after the 12th grade…

    I believe in sole indiviual merit…what about guys..?

    • p k says:

      Keep raising the issue of “DISCRIMINATION BASED ON CASTE etc” being followed by our governments, in your circle of influence.

      Such “reservations” encourage the “reserved category people” not to intellectually enrich them further. As a result “these classes” continue to remain “below par”. I am confident that if reservations are removed, such people also will be able to compete against others on equal footing in due course. Present reservation system ensures that the “backwards” continue to remain “intellectually backward”.

      So in the interest of society as a whole, keep spreading the need to remove all sort of reservations. And one day INDIA may get liberated from this “RESERVATION MONSTER” which is pulling down our society.

  33. soumya says:

    sir i have got 170 mark in iit jee 2011.what should be my rank?

  34. VIVEK says:


  35. VIVEK says:


  36. somnath dhruw says:

    sir.. i expect my marks around 110.. what rank i expect? can i get iithyderabad or ropar..? i m st category student..

  37. kshitij says:

    getting approx. 350, can expect to be in top 1oo?

  38. deepa says:

    sir, m an st candidate scoring 165. what branches can i get ? esp in iit delhi ?

  39. uday says:

    for sc’s cuttoff how much?

  40. nagendra babu naik says:


  41. Pragyan says:


    I am an OBC (non creamy layer) candidate and i am getting 190 marks in iitjee2011. Please tell me if i will get a rank. If yes, then wat rank should i expect.

  42. Anandu says:

    im an OBC candidate. my score is 137 will i get a rank in iit jee? if so what rank will i get?

  43. hamid says:

    Education system in India is totally futile. In country prestigious institutes like IIT’S we have 47% reserved seats for backward classes. Isn’t it too much? It should have been around 5-10% maximum. It’s total injustice for general category students. SHAME ON EDUCATION SYSTEM OF INDIA!!

  44. raju says:

    sir i am getting 120 in jee 2011 and i m in sc category wii i get mechanical and where i will get

  45. sabby says:

    sir i’m getting 150-160 and i’m sc candidate can i get iit-d elhi

  46. prathviraj says:

    sir i m in ST category i m getting 142 marks which college i can get ?
    can i get any one of MECH OR ELECT in IIT bombay

  47. radhika says:

    sir i’m getting 200 according to fiitjee key. i come under obc category. will i be qualified?? what branches are possible for me???

  48. Priyanka sinha says:

    Sir, m gettin 40-50 marks in iit. Tel me if i hav any chance to get into iit.. may its prepatory course..M A St gal..

  49. suresh says:

    sire i am likely to get 145…st category….wat am i to get??….are the answers published by coaching institutes correct???

  50. piyush says:

    sir i expect 192 marks and i belong to obc category what would be my obc rank?

  51. amogh says:

    I have scored 104 marks in jee 2011 according to fiitjee solutions …i am a st candidate . Please tell if i can get a seat in good branch IIT madras?

  52. chanchal says:

    sir, my score id not good enough in IIT-JEE 2011. will there be any extended list this year?.. what will be the cut offs for SC candidates in extended merit list this year?

  53. Sir,

    My expected marks in IIT-JEE2011 is 190 +. I belogns to SC Category. Would like to know, may I get admission in old IITs? If so Can I get into the branche in EE or Mechanical in KGP, Kanpur, Mumbai. Please reply soon in order of preference.

  54. ABHISHEK says:

    i have expected 112 mark in iit acc. to fitjee sol.
    so plz tell me my expected rank.
    i am a obc candidate.

  55. raun says:

    getting 210 in jee 2011…..will iget any of the iits??

  56. prashant says:

    sir, i am ST candidated. according to solution key, i got 88 marks. can i get admission at any iit

  57. addy says:

    i’m getting 141 marks in iit jee 2011 i belong to sc category what rank will i get ??

  58. don says:

    are bhai koi to reply do

  59. v nehru says:

    i have expected 250 mark in iit acc .fitjee sol so plz tell me expected rank.i am st candidate.

  60. murali says:

    if marks use to be in between 24o & 250 for oc candidate in which iit i will get seat

  61. pavan says:

    sir am obc candidate.. am expecting 170-200 in iit 2011.. wats my rank ..plz reply sir..

  62. Utkarsh says:

    Sir,i am getting 260 marks.What will be my rank?Can i get Mechanical Or Comp.Sc in any of the old iits?Can you also tell me ,whats Engineering Physics?

  63. juicyanna says:

    sir i m getn 475……will i clear the cut offs…..i thnk i may nt

    • don says:

      surely i also think that u may not clr the jee cutoff bst luck for other exams try to do good in them

  64. sudhir kumar says:

    sir,i am obc candidate my chemistry marks-64,phy-64 & maths-56 total marks is 184.sir wat will be my rank.please tell me sir……….please.i m in confusion weather i got rank or not and i m going to restart prepration from kota so sir please tell me soon…….

  65. prashant says:

    sir, i am ST candidate. according to solution, i got 88 marks. can i get any iit college or get preparetory chance.

  66. emma watson says:

    i got 136 and i am an sc what is my expected rank sir in 2011 examination please reply……………!!!!!

  67. emma watson says:

    i got 138 and i am an sc what is my expected rank sir in 2011 examination please reply……………!!!!!

  68. Sachin says:

    i am getting 50 marks in aieee ,
    so can you tell me that what could be my all india rank.
    i am a sc candidate

  69. sheetal says:

    sir,m getting mrks as 124mrkz or 142or 136 according to differnt keys….n i belong to s.c category….so can i xpect seat in iitjee n r the keys for iit jee released by diff institute will b right or wrong…its giving me 10mrkz diffrnt….plz do reply thank u

  70. Naveen says:

    I got 241 marks according to resonance key…
    Where can i get a mechanical department seat?

  71. sowjanya says:

    sir i got 85 to 95 marks belongs to st category say whether that i will qualify in iit

  72. sowjanya says:

    sir plz say sir that i would get iit or not for 85 to 95 marks i will belong to st category reply sir

  73. Sagar says:

    Well, I’ve gone through the whole post and not help but notice few people are very furious about reservation entitled to backward castes.
    Every morning a teenage boy came to my house to clean my father’s car in a schooldress and then hurried off to his school….occassionaly I asked him where did he studied and in which class…he told me he studied in Sarvodaya Vidyalaya and was preparing for JEE 2011..to my surprise I was also preparimg for the same….I offered to help him and lend him my books n packages…Due to his family’s socially dejected state …they had hardly any source of income and he had to support his family too…

    After JEE ,I expect around 279, n I helped him to calculate his marks..which were 176….He will be surely selected as He belongs to SC category…

    Now I Dont have any problem for him to be seating next To me in my IIT class….as according to me with the resources and talent he has….He Deserves it…!

    • ramani says:

      I appreciate your views and state of mind. what would you feel if under reservation a person gets admission for >90 in prime institutes and others not even in new iits at 260. Leave aside admission in prime institutes, general persons with 200 marks do not even find themselves in admission list. what do you think, the general person with this or more; say 230-240 even upto 260 is not likely to get in prime iits. where do you find the mistake; is the system right or wrong, do general suffer on providing comfort to backward. I would love if complete free education right from 1 to any level given to them but not on compromised merit list. If again, it has to be on such compromised merit list, i agree, the boy you referred to have got 176 can be considered but on comparable ratio-wise merit list. All such initiatives of governments are vote bank based for political parties in the name of parity.

  74. akshay prasath says:

    hello guys!! im getting 230 marks and i have OBC reservations!! pls tell me where and wat courses i ll be offered!! pls im really confused!!

    • udhay shankar says:

      hey akshay prashanth!!!!!!! you ll get in iit delhi, bombay chennai kanpur kharagpur!!!!!!!!! congrats

  75. don says:

    who is the owner he is not replying to any1 he is**

  76. devi says:

    I got 136 marks according 2 narayana key.
    Will i get IIT seat?
    I belong SC category.
    Will i get a good branch and college?

  77. devjn says:

    rank at 240

  78. vennela says:

    igot 196 out off 480 iam an obc student can i get into old iits if i get into iit which branch i will get
    sir plz reply me sir plzzz iam almost in tears….:(

  79. what will be the OBC cut off

  80. i am getting 445 in iit jee 2011
    i am sure that i would top in jee

  81. Prashant says:

    sir, i m ST candidate. according to solution, i get 90 marks in iit jee exame 2011. can i get chance of preparatory in any iit.

  82. Anurag das says:

    i’m expecting 177 marks in iit jee 2011.i belong to obc category.wt rank will i get.thank you sir



  85. ganesh says:

    sir , im scoring 82-88 marks in iitjee2011 can i expect seat.i m pd candidate

  86. Shubham says:

    I’ll get 101 marks in IIT JEE 2011. I’m from SC category from UP.Can I get selected this year or at least for prepratory course?? Please reply. Its very urgent………

  87. mahesh says:

    sir i belongs to obc category i have secured 182marks.will i get seat sir and eml avaibility is there r nt

  88. Shubham says:

    According to official answer keys, I’ve scored 109 marks in IIT JEE 2011. I’m from SC category from UP. Can I get selected this year???? Please reply…………….

  89. Shubham says:

    I’ve scored 109 marks in IIT JEE 2011. I’m from SC category from UP. Can I get selected this year???? Please reply anyone…… ITS VERY URGENT………

  90. n veeraj says:

    i have secured 141 marks in iit 20111 under obc category whether i am qualified or not please reply

  91. varun says:

    I am getting 110 and i belong to SC will i get in

  92. Shubham says:

    I’ve scored 109 marks in IIT JEE 2011. I’m from SC category from UP. Can I get selected this year???? Please reply anyone…… ITS VERY URGENT……… My subject-wise marks are
    Physics: 19
    Chemistry: 50
    Mathematics: 40

  93. abhinav says:

    im getting 271 marks including 3 bonus according to iitk answer key what rank i can expect

  94. ankita says:

    sir, m gettin 135 marks in iitjee… n i m an obc candidate… will i be get selected..?? plz reply..

  95. i am getting 398 marks so can i get cs in iit-m

  96. viraj says:

    what will b the estimated cutoff in individual subjects for an SC candidate??

  97. Rivan says:

    I am an OBC-Non creamy layer candidate.I checked my JEE-2011 marks after the answer key was released by the IITs on 15th May.I am scoring 218 marks.Will I be able to get into IIT?

  98. Edge77 says:

    Am gettin 111(sc). Am i selected? what would be my rank?

  99. Sarath Kumar says:

    wat cut off can we expect for obc candidates

  100. Sarath Kumar says:

    wat cut off can we expect for obc candidates plzzzzzzzzzzzz anyone reply

  101. akshay says:

    sir, iam getting 94 after grace, will i get any iit, i belong to sc category. please reply, i will heartly appreciate the replier.

  102. sonu says:

    It wd be 175 to 180. . .
    M getting 230 marks nd blng to obc
    cn i get mech in roorkee??pls reply

  103. sonu says:

    I think you can. ,
    bt hardly in new iits. .
    Best of luck

  104. yg says:

    wat will be the cutoff for ST in iitjee 2011 in extended merit list

  105. anu 786 says:

    sir i am gettin mks between 183 to 198 with diffrent coaching keys will i clear iit and what rank i’ll get in iit also i am a general candidate

  106. vasu says:

    sir,i am getting around 204 marks acc. to latest kanpur iit solutions……what can i expect..????

  107. Lets give us one chance to be in iit in such a low cutoff we should also do much better than u sc….. I thought iits r now for sc ,st. because they are suffering from social backwardness

  108. And if sc are such a backward then how could they pay such a huge fees for d preparation of jee in such a costly couchings

  109. rohan says:

    these sc sts and obcs are te fuckin assholes…deprivin us of our rights….

  110. varnika says:

    sir i am getting 70 marks in iit jee 2011..i belong to sc category..so will i get a good rank in it…????? plz tel me.. m tensed..

  111. RAJAT says:

    i think Devanshu has correct views. general must raise the issue of reservation in iit and nits .General right are totally denied by indian government .we must raise the issue ,we have to take step .support general in this battle ……

  112. vikas says:

    ye sale sc st,hum log k adhe marks lake maze loot te hai.even in the most reputed institution of our country.
    sale bhikhari.

  113. ricky parmar says:

    i am an sc candidate
    i get 120 marks
    can i get any iit

  114. neha singhal says:

    i am in sc cat. acooding to me i score 105. did you think qualiyfy iitjee.send me your opinion. ill waitig.my i.d in anu05singhal@gmail.com

  115. fardeen khan says:

    i m getting around 120 marks in iit jee accd. to ans key .can i get any reputated college from these marks……reply soon.

  116. fardeen khan says:

    i am in genrel catagory and also suggest me some good private colleges….

  117. himanshu says:

    my Reg. No. is 7051097, Cat. SC. Kindly provide my Result of IIT-JEEE-2011 along with Marks obtained.

  118. krishna says:

    hii , pls reply me that what is the cut off marks for ST category ( subject wise)

  119. eswar says:

    i belong to st. i wana knw the cutoff marks for iit in 2012

  120. mohini says:

    i want to know cut off marks for IIT in 2011 for ST

  121. SOUVICK HALDER says:


  122. Rajat Bagga says:

    i have got 642 rank in sc category in iit 2011……
    will i am able to get my choice stream in old iit ?

  123. jks says:

    @CC and @pk …. you both cleverly, selfishly and also shamefully know how to mold facts, statements your way ..the reality of IITs and most Medical institutions is that there are very few honest teachers who teach and evaluate answer sheets without bias..Agree that some students from SC/ST/OBC are weaker in fundamentals but this is just because they have not had good coachings and even attended good schools.. not more than 1500 candidates qualify from SC category and if you analyse you’ll know that merely 20-30% of them have their parents in govt. services, rest come from the most humble background, do not they deserve praise? and look at the number, what you can infer is that even after 60 year of independence very less number is participating in these prestigious most institutions ..most of them have the capacity to outshine anyone on earth ..Ramanujan(i am just emphasizing an individual’s capacity, don’t start crying that he was a brahmin and so intellect was ‘natural’ ;), ofcourse if i use this year’s results and your rationale then i can say that all intellectual ‘aryan’ race has been outshined by Dravidians in any Competition, be it IIT or IAS ;)) didn’t take any IIT entrance test yet stands as one of the foremost intellectuals of Mathematics, to remind you he failed also once in higher secondary.. what is important that how this society value this small effort of these students who are trying to do away some thousands of years’ social discrimination against them and in your language some 4(i think) Yugas’ discrimination ..whatever is said to you kind of guys will not serve the purpose, problem is in the milieu that you have been getting right from the childhood, every single person who contributed to that milieu is responsible for ‘you’ or for that matter many like ‘you’ to be raised to become so intolerant and irresponsible..most of the teachers in IIT seem to have this hidden competition among them as to in whosoever’s evaluation an SC/ST/OBC candidates gets good marks(criteria being more than that from general) shouldn’t be a good teacher or might have framed ‘too easy’ a question paper..while good teachers try helping good students from quota, the perverts figure out students who do particularly good in written from quota and try reduce their strength in their own papers’ evaluation and specially in the monster ‘via-Va’ and presentations..just wait 6-7 years and see yourself what intellect means..constitution of India has given this class the opportunity that they wanted and good people are their to help them in every field.. lets see for how long the established myths keep obscuring the ‘eternal reality’.. keep your mind clean and let all noble thoughts come to it-Rigveda.. :)

  124. jks says:

    @moderator..it is your duty in the interest of integrity of our nation that you do not entertain any adverse comments on Reservation Policy for weaker sections of the society.. framers of such comments are not simple people but trained minds who know how to perpetuate the wedges created long back..we are a great nation and together and by helping each other only we can remain strong..:) hope you agree..

  125. Rahul says:

    Hi i have been reading u all guys regarding reservation…

    i believe reservation should be there on economic basis and not on caste basis.a general candidate can be surely be living below poverty line while a SC/ST may be having all priveleges.anyways a person who is living in remote village will be hardly preparing for entrance exams like IIT,CAT etc….and there is no garantee that he is SC/ST.
    i have seen general candidates living below poverty line preparing fr IIT who cannot avail coaching classes while a SC/ST/OBC is taking classes.

    anyways i am against SC/ST/OBC ,there are many who cannot avail benefits of coaching but if u see the ratio in whole,its quite less.

    the whole education system must be enriched from grass root level to ensure that students from childhood are given proper education.

    i got 2321 rank in IIT 2011.

  126. Rahul says:

    sorry i meant i am “not” against.i wrongly typed

    “anyways i am against SC/ST/OBC ,there are many who cannot avail benefits of coaching but if u see the ratio in whole,its quite less”

    it should be

    anyways i am not against SC/ST/OBC ,there are many who cannot avail benefits of coaching but if u see the ratio in whole,its quite less

    • jks says:

      Dear Rahul..U r absolutely right..reservation should be on the economic criteria.. but have you ever given a thought why this simple argument didn’t occur to those who were framing the COI? ….in fact we love our nation, everyone of us does, but we never understand that the socioeconomic conditions of this country have been unique most on the earth and we must question ourselves that what in this nation we love if we exclude some 600 million people!..reservation as meant right from the beginning didn’t mean giving financial assistance only..it meant above all giving ‘social security’, a chance to shrug off the environment in which these students/families whether affluent(there was none when India became free and i am constrained to use this word because i don’t know a better word to define economic status above subsistence and below rich) or poor in which they are forced to hear abuses, comments, taunts on an average lets say 10 a day(it may be much lesser estimate as i haven’t been in the remotest rural areas of our country where medical graduates deny that they will not practice :))..it meant them giving a chance so that they be merged with ‘society’ and learn a thing or two..reservation also meant giving them company with other privileged ones in common classrooms(these privileged ones perhaps understood it and started polluting the environment in educational institutes, do U know that in AIIMS students from SC/ST are called ‘Sheddus’ and are forced to live outside Hostels, these students have written to the chairman a number of times but no action was taken..CNN/IBN has a youtube video on it, u must watch..we abused and blamed Ambumani Ramodass when he tried addressing the problem and in IITs :) those who are coming from special coaching provided by IITs only(Government’s obligation) shamefully called ‘Prepies’, there is this question, for what fault of theirs?)….just let me know what autonomy do these institutions require and how govt. can politically interfere in academic matters, we clearly know no admission be granted to even PM’s son if the entrance exam is not cleared, autonomy stands as a garb against any monitoring of the unfair practices in these institutions.. as for percentage of poor and ratios u must look at the census conducted this year for SC/ST, i shall here exclude OBCs because i am all praise for this section as it had blasted every myth in just 60 years of independence, these students are topping charts in Engineering, Medical, Research and where not! could they have done it without reservation, certainly not in that the reservation provided them an opportunity to sit and learn with the ‘normals’, gave them a confidence that they were no less and given chance they also can do the ‘beautiful an excellent’..in fact the success of OBCs stands as a model to other chronically backward sections..it took 60 years to OBCs in reaching where they stand today, in fact OBCs on an average were not so economically weaker sections, they just lacked this environment which when they availed because of the reservation, they did wonders!….why do you think Govt. started RTE act promising some seats reserved for underprivileged in best of our private schools, again to give them just the milieu that they lack..now imagine if in those classes all normals start themselves distancing from the underprivileged (here children are not to blame but the milieu in their homes which teaches them to differentiate) could the purpose be served? certainly not…..this is what is happening in all big institutions..i am also not in favor of reservation for eternity but till a desired level of participation is achieved and results outshining myths start coming in satisfactory numbers this must go on and of course govt. must think extending it beyond 50%, it may up the merit criteria but then should give special coaching to these students, as to the results we must understand that there is vast difference in gradual learning and spoon-feeding in just few days so of course an overhaul of elementary to secondary education is required keeping focus on the participation of this section ….in fact declaring these classes for academic purposes only a minority class is also not a bad idea where some elite educational institute can be opened for these classes (on the lines of MEIs) drawing the best faculty available….as for the other economically weaker sectiones the govt. along with the census must identify such households, see what percentage they constitute and frame a policy if feasible depending on the number..and if the number is very less, which in all probability should be, it can on the basis of AADHAR start giving direct enough financial assistance so that students from these sections are not constrained to leave their studies because of the lack of finance…. as there is always a possibility of fake cases giving reservation is not suitable :)…. and assuming that in rural areas students are not vying for IITs and IIMs is downright wrong.. :)

  127. aswin says:

    i am an sc student
    what is the minimum mark i should get in order to get admission for mechanical engineering?

  128. chirantan paul says:

    I sure to get 145 marks in iit. Iam ge candidate. Can I get iit scope

  129. u can't c me says:

    hey wat all d sc n st n obc think???? dey get just half of d marks of general category candidates bt still got selected while the general category candidates dont, i understand the problem of physically disabled bt nt of these obc n st n sc

  130. Mayan says:

    Wat is cut of for nt catogary??

  131. Vimal says:

    Hi I’m Vimal I’m a sc student and NOT an ENEMY OF FELLOW GEN. STUDENTS . The anger of gen catagory are right all the people accept . We never choose this to be sc or st it is by birth so plz let’s be human and accept the life as it is and love it

  132. sunny shinde says:

    Hello sir
    i am sunny
    i get approxx 150 marks in my full portion tests of RESONSNCE
    i am SC
    is my admission secured in any of d iit colleges???
    plz do replyy soon

  133. fucking GEN candidate says:

    the reservation on cast is really bad .as m a GEN cand missed jee by 5 no. n my classmate was sc he secured 150 no n is at iitd…..we studied together same institute…i scored more than him and then also m pissing in toilets of a private colege now tell what is wrong what is good>>>…..

  134. divya says:

    sir im expecting 90-100 marks in iit 2012 which branch i can expect in sc category

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